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Indicator Features

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Buy and Sell signals

Infinity Algo provides buy and sell signals for any market and timeframe.

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Take Profit Signals

It assists you in closing your positions. Click here to see a preview.

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High Accuracy

Our algorithm can achieve over 90% accuracy.

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Backtest Version

The backtest version is now included. Click here for results.

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No Repaints

It does not repaint, ensuring reliability.


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It allows you to create alerts for buy, sell, and take profit signals.

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Customizable settings

You can adjust settings to find the optimal configuration for each coin.

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Possible Signals

Pre-alerts for buy and sell signals are also provided.

Pricing Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

May answer your questions

How does this work?

Firstly, you need TradingView account (A free account is enough). After purchasing, you will get within a few moments access(invite) to our AI buy sell indicator Infinity Algo and Backtest version on your TradingView account.

Why I can't find Infinity Algo in indicators tab?

You can’t find Infinity Algo in the indicators because it’s a private, invite-only script. You won’t find it unless you’re invited (after purchasing) and add it to your favorites.

Does it work on every timeframe?

Yes, but higher timeframes are suggested.

Can I create cornix signals?

Yes, you can create cornix signals via backtest version.

Will I receive future updates?

Yes, you will receive future updates (as long as you have paid access).

With how much money should I start with?

There is no minimum. If you are afraid to put in too much or simply can’t afford it, you can start with even less than $10

When I will receive access?

After successful payment, you will get access to the indicator within few moments. If you do not receive access within a few minutes, please use the contact form.

Is the indicator 100% accurate?

No, we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy. But the accuracy is around 90%. (Also, it depends on the timeframe, settings, and symbol). Note: Remember accuracy is not everything. You can still be a profitable trader even with 5% accuracy.

Does it work on crypto, stocks & forex?

Yes, it works on every market. So our indicator is considered as:
Crypto Indicator
Stock Indicator
Forex Indicator

What will be my profit?

It depends on how many trades you take, what is your risk management, what is your leverage, what timeframe are you using, etc… Also, we can’t guarantee you profit.

Can buy sell signals be automated?

It can be automated via finandy, 3commas or some similar platform. But manual trading is preferred.

Does it work on MetaTrader 4/5?

Currently, Infinity Algo is made exclusively for Tradingview only.


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