Get the highest Predictability rate with Infinity Algo. Your trading practices will change and you will be aware of all the signals needed.

Indicator Features

Explore Indicator Features

Backtest Version

Backtest version is now included.
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Take Profit Signals

It will help you close your positions.
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Buy and Sell signals

You can create buy and sell signals for any market and timeframe you want.

High Accuracy

Infinity Algo provides you over 90% accuracy .


Infinity Algo does not give repaint signals. 


Infinity Algo gives you the option to create alerts for buy and sell signals

Custom sensitivity

With Infinity Algo, you can change settings and find the best settings for each coin

Possible Signals

Infinity algo gives you alerts for possible long or short signals

Pricing Plan

Find the Right Pricing Plan

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Lifetime Access

✔️Accurate Signals
✔️Signal Alerts
✔️Backtest Access
✔️All Future Updates
✔️All Timeframes
✔️All Pairs

1 Month Access

✔️Accurate Signals
✔️Signal Alerts
✔️Backtest Access
✔️All Future Updates
✔️All Timeframes
✔️All Pairs

3 Month Access

✔️Accurate Signals
✔️Signal Alerts
✔️Backtest Access
✔️All Future Updates
✔️All Timeframes
✔️All Pairs

1 Year Access

✔️Accurate Signals
✔️Signal Alerts
✔️Backtest Access
✔️All Future Updates
✔️All Timeframes
✔️All Pairs

Frequently Asked Questions

May answer your questions


How does this work?

Firstly, you need TradingView account (A free account is enough). After purchasing you will get within 24 hours access to Infinity Algo on your tradingview account. Then you can set up BUY and SELL signals on your desired Symbol and Timeframe. 

How much money should I start with?

There is no minimum. If you are afraid to put in too much or simply can’t afford it, you can start with even less than $10.

What candles should I use?

You can use backtest version and compare normal candles and heikin ashi and see what give better results.

Can I create cornix signals?

Yes, you can create cornix signals via backtest version.

Will I receive future updates?

Yes you will (of course you must have paid subscription.)

How often are updates?

Indicator gets updated every 2 weeks.

When I will receive access?

After successful payment, you will get access to the indicator within 24 hours. If you did not receive access within 24 hours then use the contact form.

Is the indicator 100% accurate?

No, we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy. But the accuracy is around 90%. (Also, it depends on timeframe, settings and symbol)

Does it work on every market?

Yes, it works on every market.

What will be my profit?

It depends on how many trades you take, what is your risk management, what is your leverage, what timeframe are you using, etc… Also, we can’t guarantee you profit.

Is this automatic or manual?

It can be automated via finandy, 3commas or some similar platform. But manual trading is preferred since you won’t get 100% accuracy.

How many trades are given per day?

It depends on market conditions, what timeframe are you using, what coin are you using and what sensitivity are you using.


Free signals (not optimized settings, default features)


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